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3 Reasons This Free Online Marketing Newsletter Can Help You Out

Everybody seems to be selling the make money online dream (and telling you to give them $1,500 for their secrets).

Personally, I find it a bit amusing watching the circus.

But I must admit, it makes it hard to know who to trust these days.

So I’m going to do something that’s admittedly old-fashioned: I’m going to be up-front with you.

If you run a small business on the internet, I want you to get my free online marketing newsletter.

I have my reasons.

I think you’ll find they’re good ones.

They’re worth looking at, if only for the free workbooks I’d like to give you.

Let’s talk about those reasons.

You can decide if it’s right for you.

No circus necessary.

The most important thing to remember about building a profitable business is that it is a business.

Which means that the only thing worth focusing on is finding and cultivating customers who find themselves happy buying good things from you.

That (and more) will be covered in this newsletter.

However, if you’re looking for the flashiest internet marketing tactics and social media fads, this newsletter will not help you.

(If that’s what you’re after, you’ll have no trouble finding the experts selling you on those – they’re certainly loud enough.)

This newsletter will teach you how business is done.

I think that’s enough, and I imagine you’ll agree.

Much of the advice about marketing your business online involves doing things that strike you as, well, a bit dirty.

I understand.

It’s always bad news to feel like you have to do things that are beneath you in order to make money.

The good news is that you can certainly grow your business without questionable tactics.

I’ll cover these in the newsletter as well.

I think you’ll be quite relieved to see them.

I know how disappointing it can be to get on someone’s newsletters and receive ideas that don’t apply to you or your business.

Especially when they’re so poorly packaged as to reflect the uselessness of the content.

That’s what makes me particularly pleased to include three substantial workbooks with the newsletter that I think you’ll find quite useful:

  • 7 Steps to Playing a Much Bigger Game – this 25 page workbook will help you get the confidence and focus necessary to take your online business where you want it to go.
  • 7 Steps to Networking Your Way To A-Listers Fast – this 24-page workbook will help you target your networking activities in ways that will make it easier to build influential relationships with people who can help your business advance.
  • 7 Simple Income Streams That You Can Actually Create – this 20-page workbook will help you explore well-worn paths to build multiple streams of income in ways that don’t involve doing things that seem too difficult or feel uncomfortable.
  • Start Making Money With Your Own Products in 3 Days – this 20-page workbook will help you create small, targeted and inexpensive information products that you can begin selling to your audience quickly.
I’m particularly proud of these workbooks, and I think you’ll find them very useful.
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