How would you like to start your own six-figure plus business?

If you can use a computer, have a basic understanding of the English language, and can follow instructions, then you can build your own six-figure business.

Does that sound like a pipe dream? It’s not.

I’ve helped many people both 1-on-1 and via digital channels. You are about to learn practical, proven, and powerful systems that you can use to build a second or full-time income with your own online 6 figure business.

My social media accounts and my email list members look to me for support and guidance in starting their own businesses, living a positive lifestyle, being more productive and building a business following their passion.

So, how did I get here?


I’m an entrepreneur, a digital marketer, speaker, author, and an online educator who can show you how to start your own six-figure plus business.

love what I do! Over the last 30 plus years, I have been sharpening my skills and following my passions as an entrepreneur.

I have always enjoyed working on a combination of skills that have also been the primary driver of my career.

I was around in the very early days of the personal computer revolution. I was fascinated by what I could do with these new machines and the power they gave people. The first thing I ever did that I was paid for was the creation of a newsletter on a desktop publishing software app.

It was amazing to me that I could create this thing, then have it print out and see my work delivered. I was a publisher!

Quickly, this lead into deeper contacts with people and small business owners and I became the go to guy for first supplying them with custom built computer systems and then networking them together in offices.

The technology was young and so was I and like a sponge I was always hanging out down at the university bookstore reading all the books I could get my hands on to learn more stuff.

As the technology quickly changed as new software arrived in the market place, I found that my contact list continued to grow. Small business owners needed the services I could supply but often were either too busy to learn it themselves or just didn’t want to.

That was fine for me, I loved it. I breathed it. I immersed myself in all things computer related.

I was approached one day about building a custom database application to manage a fitness center. I was already experimenting with a fairly new application Microsoft had come to market with called MS Access.

To accomplish the design of this app, I had to learn SQL (Structured Query Language) and then build a nice user interface so that the people at the desk in the fitness center would be able to check members, track their payment history and what programs they had access to.

Was a real mind-bender for me at the time, but once again something I just loved.

That has been the corner stone of my career. Figuring out how things work, applying my research to deliver results to my clients.

That programming project lead to a number of others and was soon another major skill I had under my belt….

Then the Internet started to really take off!

“It’s in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped”

“It’s in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped”

I remember the first time I went on the internet. It was SLOW… Hard to find anything, and the basic web pages I saw at the time were SO UGLY

I kept my focus on the main things I was doing that brought money into my company, but I always had my eye on what was happening in this new connected world. I started to meet more and more people that had the same passions as I had for learning new things.

And as always, I found a way to bring these new skills into my business as more and more companies and entrepreneurs wanted the skills I had.

I found that having the ability to make websites, combined with the ability to market and sell, was a skill I could use anyplace on the planet that had internet access.

The internet gave me the ability to work from anyplace.

I took the skills I had from desk top publishing, made some small ebooks and then distributed them via the internet. Back when I first started doing this, people would send me a check in the mail and I would send them a disk back in the mail.  It was so cool to go to the mail each day and see that people had sent me a check.


Over the years I have continued to build my skills and follow my passions.

I live by a couple of underlying principles in my life.

  • Kaizen, or “the practice or philosophy of continuous improvement” is a foundation practice of my life and business process. I read, watch or listen to something new every day for a minimum of 1 hour. It’s at the core of who I am now. If I am not expanding my knowledge base, I just don’t feel right. I LOVE TO LEARN!
  • I follow the Doctor Credo: “Do no harm.” For me, this means that in my interactions with people and myself, I am careful of the words I use. I believe the words we use are a key to success. The inner voice we all have inside our heads and what we allow it to say to us is the real key to success. The second part to this is the words we use in ANY contact with other people.
  • Always have a plan and this means written goals that I review every day to keep me focused on what is important in my life.

I boil this down to something I call:

Thinking B.I.G.

Think B.I.G.

  • Books – Read something every day for at least 1 hour.
  • Individuals – Treat people well and build honest, high-quality relationships.
  • Goals – Have written goals, review them daily, stay focused on what is import in your life.
I have worked with many people over that last 30 years and the most successful ones are always using that as a basic principle of what they are doing.  They may not state it that way, but as I ask them questions, dig into the companies they are running, get to know the individuals inside of it.

Time and time again I see these same basic ideas repeating themselves.

That and one other area that I believe flows directly out of it…


When you continue to learn, make relationship building a key part of your life, then have strong goals that are connected to who you are as a person and what you want your life to be about, well, those people tend to take action.

And let’s face it, nothing gets done unless you get up off your backside and do it!

So, in a nutshell, that is what I do now. I work with business owners and individuals to help them be more successful.

It could be any or all of the following:

  • Developing confidence
  • Develop a Success Mindset
  • Setting clear goals and being accountable
  • Building systems to package your I.P. (Intelectual Property)
  • Promote yourself, your product, or your brand
I see myself as a student of life. Just like everyone else, I am growing.

As much as I enjoy learning, I also enjoy teaching. This is why being a coach, consultant, speaker, and author fits so well for me.  I get to learn new things from all the great minds on the planet, think about the wisdom they have on offer, then pass on what I find to be the most important nuggets I have uncovered.

I just happen to have a wide range of skills to use to be able to do that. These are skills I can teach YOU how to master also.

Ready for the journey?

Do you have some type of passion you want to get a wider audience for?

I may be able to help you.

Let’s find out.


  • You’re tired of slaving away at a 9-5 job where you feel underpaid, under-stimulated and underappreciated
  • You’re already successful in your career but you’re ready to turn your passion into a business — and make money at it
  • You’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur but thought you didn’t have the right personality for it or that you have to be a crazy risk-taker (surprise: you don’t!)
  • You’re ready to get over your limiting beliefs about who you are, how successful you can be, and how much money you can make
I am passionate and fulfilled by my work — something I learned that many people don’t have in their current careers.

Now, I’m here to help you do the same.

I teach smart, successful people like YOU how to start your own six-figure plus business or how to turn your current business around. I’ve helped hundreds of people do this and I can help you do it also.

My goal is to serve YOU and show you that anything is possible. If you can dream it, I can help you build it.

Get Clear, Get Motivated, Achieve Your Goals

Get Clear, Get Motivated, Achieve Your Goals