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Here’s what’s included in Info Products Bundle¬†#4


This unreleased content includes 10 printable “mini-blueprints” of actionable steps for growing an online business.

10,000 WORDS / 45 PAGES


This unreleased content includes twenty more “business briefs”¬†(500-word, high-quality articles).

10,000 WORDS / 45 PAGES


This unreleased content includes four feature-length lead magnet reports that could easily be sold for $10 each.

10,000 WORDS / 45 PAGES


This unreleased content includes three different 7-Day Email Courses to use to build and monetize a list.

7,000 WORDS / 30 PAGES


This unreleased content includes two “day-to-day” guides broken down into 7 daily steps to complete for results.

5,000 WORDS / 23 PAGES


This unreleased content includes strategies and sources for buying paid traffic to get targeted visitors to a site.

2,500 WORDS / 10 PAGES


This unreleased content includes 50 tips, secrets, ideas, suggestions, hacks, templates, shortcuts and lists for SEO.

5,000 WORDS / 23 PAGES

See below for the details of exactly what is included in the

Here’s What You Get Today

CHECKLISTS: 10 checklists, 1,000 Words each, 45 Pages

  1. The On-Page SEO Checklist
  2. The Facebook Ad Campaign Checklist
  3. The Email Checklist for Getting Your Emails Opened and Read
  4. The Market Research Checklist for Figuring Out What Your Audience Really Wants
  5. The Product-Launch Checklist for Kicking Up a Lot of Sales During Launch Week
  6. The Blog Monetization Checklist
  7. The Checklist for Finding the Perfect Affiliate Offer to Promote
  8. The Checklist for Setting Up a Successful Affiliate Program
  9. The Sales Letter Checklist for Crafting Persuasive Copy
  10. The Profitable Cross-Promotion Checklist

REPORTS: 4 reports, 2500 words each, 40 pages

  1. How to Create and Sell PLR Content
  2. Ten Tips for Crafting High-Quality Content Your Audience Is Sure to Love
  3. How To Outsource For Great ROI and Great Convenience
  4. How to Start and Run a Successful Affiliate Program in Any Niche

MINI-COURSES: 3 mini-courses X 7 lessons, 33 pages total

  1. The Quick and Easy Way to Set Up a Popular Fixed-Term Membership Site
  2. How to Drive Targeted Traffic Using G.U.E.S.T. Blogging
  3. How to Find and Use PLR Content to Grow Your Business

7-DAY GUIDES: 2 guides, 2500 words each, 24 pages

  1. The 7-Day Guide to Starting a Mailing List
  2. The 7-Day Guide to Getting Your First Blog Up and Running

ARTICLES: 20 articles, 500 Words each, 45 pages

  1. The Secrets of Crafting Attention-Getting Titles
  2. How to Start and Grow a Facebook Group
  3. How to Use Chatbot Technology to Grow Your Business
  4. 10 Ideas for Your Next Joint Venture
  5. How to Pick a Popular Topic for a Course
  6. Six List-Building Mistakes Almost Everyone Makes
  7. How to Boost the Perceived Value of a Product
  8. Six PPC Advertising Tips to Boost Your ROI
  9. How to Boost Customer Satisfaction and Retention
  10. Ten Ways to Use PLR Content to Grow Your Business
  11. How to Make PLR Content Unique
  12. How to find potential JV partners
  13. Six Solid Ways to Make Money Online
  14. Five Places to Sell Your Physical Products
  15. Six Proven Ways to Promote Your Business Offline
  16. Six Types of Tools Every Online Marketer Needs
  17. Five Tips You Need to Know for Crafting and Distributing Effective Press Releases
  18. A Crash Course in Tracking and Testing
  19. Five Tips for Using Social Media to Grow Your Business
  20. Four Tips for Creating a Better Podcast

SEO GUIDEBOOK: 50 tips, hacks etc. 23 pages 5209 words

  1. The Go-To Guidebook To SEO

BUYERS GUIDE: 2500 words, 10 pages

  1. The Buyer’s Guide to Getting Paid Traffic To Your Site

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