Attention Beginners and Intermediates: Give me just a few minutes each day and I’ll show you how to build your own cash-producing opt-in list … even on a shoestring budget!

At Last, Real No-Hype Facts On
List-Building … Explained In Simple Layman’s Terms By One Of The
World’s Top Email Marketing Experts!

Frustrated by all the hype? Don’t understand all the marketing mumbo-jumbo?
Spending money with no results? Going nowhere fast?

Stop Wasting All Your Time, Effort And Money — Let Me Show You How to Get The List You Want In About An Hour Each Day!

From: Jimmy D. Brown
Re: List-building for newbies

Dear Friend,

Have you ever wished that you could sit down for several hours with a bonafide marketing expert and get them to explain list-building in such a way that you could understand it … do it … and actually see results from it?

That’s right, you and the expert sitting down at Starbucks® talking over a couple of lattes until they finally closed the doors and forced you to leave.

Wouldn’t you really be able to “get it” if you could pick the brain of someone in the know, asking them question after question until everything was clearly laid out?

What an amazing shortcut that would be for you if it were possible, right?!

Of course, you want to build an opt-in list of “eager beaver” subscribers who are ready to fork over cash anytime you click the SEND MESSAGE button. You’ve been told since day one “the fortune is in the list“.

But you’re still waiting to add your name to the “success stories“, right?

You’ve tried so many products and services you don’t know who or what to believe anymore. More than anything else, you just want to start making money instead of spending it — and you should!

Now, about that shortcut…

I’ll Show You Step-By-Step How To Build
And Profit From Your Own Opt-In List No
Matter How Hard You’ve Tried Before…

While I can’t feasibly fly in to your hometown to meet you at the local coffee shop for a brainstorming session, the truth is something very close to that kind of shortcut IS available.

I publish a private newsletter on the subject of list marketing to thousands of paying subscribers. A few months ago, we identified dozens of the most frequently asked questions that members had about list-building basics… and I answered them all in a step-by-step training system that has previously been unavailable publicly.

Sidebar: It’s very unlikely that you could think up a question about list-marketing basics that wasn’t covered in our training system. However, if you do, just send it to me by email and I will personally answer it in future free updates.

Now, I’m going to tell you all about this private training in just a moment.

(It is, quite literally, a step-by-step solution that takes you from nothing to actually having a list with quality subscribers on it!)

And I’m going to make it available to you at such an inexpensive price that you’re going to grin like a kid in a candy store.

But, before we get to that -Why should you listen to me?

My name is Jimmy D. Brown and I’ve been very blessed to teach thousands of marketers around the world how to build profitable opt-in lists. Without bragging, here are just a few of my credentials…


I’ve been the featured list marketing speaker at some of the biggest and best conferences, workshops and seminars in the world. (Ex. Armand Morin’s Big Seminar.)

easy list profit

I’ve privately counseled some of the top “gurus” in the world and have received public testimonials from John Reese, Alex Mandossian, Paul Myers, Phil Wiley, Marlon Sanders, Armand Morin and MANY others.

easy list profit

I’ve authored dozens of articles, reports and full-length products on the subject of list-marketing that have literally changed the lives of my clients.

easy list profit

I’ve currently got more than 2,200 satisfied clients from around the world paying me MONTHLY to learn my list marketing techniques.

If you want to know more about me, feel free to visit and search for “Jimmy D. Brown” (with quotes) and you’ll see hundreds of thousand of page listings. I’m proud (in a good way) of my reputation not only because of the accomplishments, but even more so because of the integrity and honesty that I’m known for. I know you’ll find that I am completely trustworthy.

I don’t say any of this to brag. I stopped worrying about impressing people back in college. I say this to illustrate that I know what I’m talking about when it comes to list-marketing. You don’t have to take my word for it either…

Fact number one: I’ve been doing this a while and have produced results that speak for themselves.

Fact number two: It doesn’t really matter to you what I’ve been doing. What you want is to see results for YOU.

So, with that goal in mind –

Here’s How To Put Fresh Subscribers Onto Any List
And Get Them To Do Business With You…

Like I mentioned earlier, I’ve identified dozens of questions about the basics of list-building (from beginners and imtermediates who aren’t really seeing results) and I’ve answered them completely. And not just “answered” them — I’ve put things into a logical, step-by-step system that anyone can follow.

It’s the same basic system I’ve been using since 1999.

I call it The List P.R.O.F.I.T. System™. .

P – PROMOTE your list.
R – REWARD the optin.
O – OFFER a proposal.
F – FIXATE attention.
I – INITIATE a response.
T – THWART the filters.

These six steps hold the key to real internet wealth. If you can learn to succeed at these six steps, then you can earn an unlimited amount of profit.

Everything you need to know about starting from nothing and actually making money from your very own list is included in I call it The List P.R.O.F.I.T. System™. Everything. And it’s all laid out in simple, easy-to-follow steps…

1. DEVELOP a landing page.

You need a special web page to send visitors to so they can join your list. By using some very specific design elements and words that will help increase your “opt-in rate” (the number of visitors to the page who decided to join your list) you’ll be ready to begin building your list.

2. DRIVE traffic to your landing page.

Once it’s up and running, you’ll want to get people actively and intentionally (no tricks or schemes) visiting your landing page. A percentage of them will join your list and offically become your “subscribers”. Congrats!

3. DETERMINE your offer.

Next you’ll want to determine what you’ll be promoting to your list. If can be your own product or service, something you market as an affiliate or even something you’ve purchased a license to sell. Anything that will generate a profit for you if your subscribers decide to purchase it.

4. DECIDE upon a subject line.

You likely aren’t the only person who is mailing to your subscriber. Yuck, you have competition! Fortunately, you’ll be able to beat your competitors. One of the key ways to do this is to decide upon an attention-grabbing “subject line” for your mailing. Getting your subscribers to notice your email message among the many others they are receiving is a critical first step towards getting results.

5. DIRECT the response of your subscriber.

After deciding upon a subject line, you’ll want to craft the actual email message that you’ll be sending out. Sometimes this will be content-rich (I.E. Will include an article, newsletter or other information) while other times it will be promotional (I.E. Will strictly be an advertisement). Most times it will be a combination of both. The key is to get your subscriber to take action after reading your message.

6. DEFEAT the spam filters.

Probably the most important part of the system is getting your email message received and read by the subscriber. With spam filters, junk folders and other hindrances at work wreaking havoc with deliverability, it can be a challenge to get your mailings to your intended recipients. When you do this, the effect and results are felt and seen immediately.

That’s the system. Obviously, that’s just an overview, but that’s the system. That’s what I teach. That’s what you’ll soon be using.

And get this –

ALL “gurus” and other people who are successful at
list marketing are using this same system in some form.

To be sure, there are different techniques for each of the six components, but EVERYONE who is successful with marketing through opt-in email lists uses the same basic system that I reveal in this training. Everyone. There are no exceptions. It works for me.

It works for thousands of my clients. It works for “gurus”. It works for all others who are successfully profiting from email lists.

And it can work for you too…

I know, because it has worked for thousands of people just like you.

Yes, even beginners.

I promise your situation is not unique. And more importantly – your situation is NOT hopeless.

The big problem is that people who are spinning their wheels in this industry are doing so because they’ve been disillusioned and, in many cases, deceived by shady characters.

Have You Been Force-Fed These Three List-Building Lies That Will Never Produce The Results You Want?

If you are seeing little or no results from list-building, it’s likely because of one or more of these three “lies” that are floating around the internet marketing scene…

LIE #1 EXPOSED! – “It’s All About Quantity, Quantity, Quantity.”

Don’t let anyone ever tell you that all subscribers are created equal. They aren’t. There are two kinds of subscribers: quality and not-quality. You DO NOT need to have tens of thousands or even thousands of list members in order to make a significant amount of money. I have one small list of under 700 subscribers that routinely pulls in $10,000+ with a single mailing. The truth is, it’s all about quality, quality, quality.

LIE #2 EXPOSED! – “It Can Be Achieved At The Push Of A Button.”

Let me ask you a simple question: if you could simply push a button or sign up for a service or join a program and everything just happened “automatically” … don’t you think everyone would be doing it? A quality list isn’t built by launching a software program or logging into a service and then just watching the totals grow larger and larger. Whether you’re building a quality list through joint ventures, affiliate program, pay-per-click ads, solo mailings or any other “tactic”, it takes effort. Learn this: the quantity of your quality is directly proportional to your investment of time.

LIE #3 EXPOSED! – “The Real Info Is Reserved For Those Paying Top Dollar.”

How much do “secrets” cost? If you look at the current trend, you’d have to say that it comes at about $997.00 in the form of a bunch of CDs, DVDs and manuals, OR it comes at about $97-$497 per month in the form of a membership. The bad news is, that’s not in most people’s budgets. The good news is, it isn’t necessary to shell out the big bucks to access REAL information on building and profiting from opt-in lists. In many cases, I’ve seen $27 ebooks written by first-rate marketers have more useful content than the higher-priced “home study courses”. Don’t be tricked into thinking you gotta mortgage the house in order to figure this stuff out.

It’s time for you to (finally) see the results you desire without all the lies, loopholes and loot that have been keeping you sidetracked in the past.

That’s why you need to try something different…

Remember Cliffs Notes® From High-School?
Here’s Your “Condensed Version” Of List-Marketing
With All The Important Stuff Included…

Every time I had a big test on Hamlet or Les Miserables or some other book I hadn’t read past the title page, I would turn to those little yellow guides called Cliffs® Notes. Remember them? They were like a condensed version of the entire book – they mentioned all the “high points” – the important stuff – without making me read the entire thing cover to cover.

Well, this training is your own personal “crash course” in list marketing. Instead of forcing you to sift through hundreds (even thousands) of pages of content (only further distracting or delaying you!), I’ve narrowed it down to a mere 94 pages.

And, even better than that, I’ve arranged things into short “lessons” so you only need to “read as you go” so you’ll actually make progress.

But, don’t be deceived: there is NOTHING left out!

In fact, let me just share a few things that are inluded in the training you can access in less than five minutes from now. You’ll learn…

List P.R.O.F.I.T. System™ Highlights Here’s what you’ll discover when you order today…
  • The ONE and only “system” for making money with lists – that’s right, every successful list marketer uses this same basic system! Master these six steps and you’ll be on your way to six-figures! (Page 6)

  • The most important list-building decision you’ll ever make – and how most people are wasting money on traffic, ads and promotions because they have overlooked this amazing principle. (Page 7)
  • 5 simple ways to benefit from your list without becoming an “offer harlot” — instead of bombarding your list with “must have” offer after offer, learn to maximize your most important asset without driving them to the “unsubscribe” button! (Page 11)
  • How to automatically create a huge swipe file of successful email marketing subject lines from the top marketers in the world, see how to apply subject lines to niche marketers, spy on your competition’s subject lines and plug-in proven market research for your own subject lines … without spending a penny! (Page 13)
  • My #1 technique for getting my own subscribers to RESPOND to my mailings and take action on the messages I send them … and how you can put this technique to work for you on your very next mailing! (Page 15)
  • The fastest way to begin promoting your list for free – you can literally begin exposing your list to potential subscribers within 5 minutes! Note: While you won’t get an “explosion” of new subscribers, it IS a way to get almost instant promotion for your list. (Page 20)
  • How to get a steady trickle of new subscribers by using “forum marketing”, including 2 ways to add 5-10 new subscribers to your list every single day … in a month’s time that’s up to 150-300 fresh list members without spending a penny! (Page 20)
  • 10 safe and simple ways to get new subscribers from your favorite forum, including how to create the PERFECT response to questions so readers head straight to your opt-in page to join your list! (Page 29)
  • An easy-to-follow (I.E. “newbie friendly!”), 7-step system for creating your own “opt-in page” (AKA “squeeze page”) for convincing as high as 75% of your visitors to join your list! Everything is broken down into “bite-sized” steps. (Page 36)

We cover a lot of information in these 94 pages, but I’ve intentionally tried to make it as beginner-friendly as possible so anyone can put these tactics into practice for successful list marketing.

Same thing goes for these things you’ll find included…

  • 7 opt-in triggers that get subscribers to join your list like crazy including 8 simple ways to increase the “perceived value” of your list + the one thing that every single subscriber wants RIGHT NOW that can convince them to instantly subscribe! (Page 44)

  • One of the most important lessons you’ll ever learn about your list — about your business! — that most marketers never realize. It’s the difference between making money and making a LOT of money … without hype, deceit or a gazillion mailings! (Page 45)
  • How John Reese convinces people to join one of his lists by using Opt-In Trigger #3 … and how you can parlay this into new subscribers to your own list by simply adding a few words to your opt-in page! (Page 47)
  • 3 proven-effective ideas (along with examples) for targeting specific demographics in your list-building for laser-precision results – plus how this allows you to broaden your marketing and promotions to niches not normally on your radar! (Page 49)
  • 9 easy-to-use ideas for creating urgency so subscribers enter their name and email address now (Page 52) + how to use “natural” urgency to get an instant boost to your opt-in conversion rate! (Page 50)
  • A powerful and profitable way to make money from your list WITHOUT asking your subscribers to buy anything … this simple, 3-step system is one of my most lucrative methods of getting others to generate revenue for me! (Page 60)
  • 6 “new” ways to use subject line personalization that virtually no one has ever heard of before, including how to get the subscriber to take “ownership” of your message! Note: There is MUCH more to personalizing a subject line than the standard, “Jimmy, here’s another message for you to read” nonsense that most people use! (Page 68)
  • How to write mailings that get your subscribers to take action, including the #1 “skill” you need as a list owner in order to generate results from the messages you send to your list! (Page 72)
  • 4 highly effective ways to get your emails past the spam filters and into the inboxes of your subscribers … it’s simple math, the higher your delivery rate, the higher your profit! (Page 80)
  • 7 ways to take your list marketing to the “next level” of productivity and profitability including 7 weekly list marketing activities to complete and 10 ways to analyze your competitor’s list marketing to perfect your own! (Page 87)

Order Today And Receive Both The Text (PDF) And Audio (MP3) Versions Of The Course!

The ultimate guide to list-marketing for beginners and intermediates includes –

  • A comprehensive user’s manual. Your 94-page .PDF manual can be downloaded and printed and includes easy-to-follow instructions that are newbie friendly.

  • Audio tutorials. You’ll also have instant access to the audio version of the course which includes NINE (9) downloadable .MP3 files (over 2 hours of rock-solid content!) that you can load to your iPod, burn to a CD or listen to on your computer.
Are you beginning to see the value here? . It’s a tremendous resource for beginners and intermediates to use. But, I must warn you…

No Smoke And Mirrors Here.
But, No Magic Lamps Or Rabbitt’s Feet Either.

One thing you’ll learn about me if you don’t already know me is this: I’m going to be honest with you. Even if that means you appreciate my integrity but walk away without buying from me.

I’d much rather earn your respect that you money.

You’ll find no “smoke and mirrors” here. I’m not going to use flowery prose and psychological word pictures to convince you to buy. That’s not my style. What you see is what you get. It’s reality, not some illusion that I’ve conjured up to get inside your wallet.

Having said that, this training is NOT for you if…

1. You want information you don’t need.

This training is not a “tell all”. It’s not an encyclopedia. It’s not the only list-marketing resource you’ll ever need. It’s a starting point. It’s what you need in order to start, strengthen and sustain a list. I’m not about to throw in dozens upon dozens of different techniques just to add more “thump” to the offer. I’m going to give you exactly what you need to see results. Any added stuff will only distract you at this point. In other words, I’m going to share 3 ways to get your emails delivered, not 27 ways. Listen to me carefully: you do NOT need “information overload”!

2. You anticipate results without work.

If you are one of those people who expect to build a quality list without investing your time and effort into it, then don’t waste either of our time. Just walk away now and don’t order. However, if you are someone who is willing to follow instructions and spend an hour or so each day working on your list marketing, this is for you! I’ve used the analogy many times: there are only two ways to get to the top of an oak tree. One is to climb it. The other is to sit on an acorn and wait. If you’re a waiter, it’s time to leave. If you’re a climber, it’s gonna be a pleasure doing business with you.

3. You have unrealistic expectations.

If you expect to get thousands of subscribers in the next week, it’s time to lower your sights. How many subscribers can you expect? I don’t know. There are so many factors involved that I’d have to be a math whize to calculate it. I honestly don’t care about “numbers” in terms of how many subscribers are on a list. I only care about the results shown in profit earned. That’s why I teach it like I teach it: that a quality subscriber is worth 100X a non-quality subscriber. What I’m going to teach you is how to make money even if you only have 50 subscribers on your list. I’m going to educate you on a process that you will be able to multiply thousands of times over during the months and years of list-building to come for you.

If you’re a stand-up guy (or gal!), then let’s put this to work for you…

The Magical Equation:
Information + Application = Value

How much is The List P.R.O.F.I.T. System™ worth to you? It’s really hard to say. How much is an education worth to a surgeon? How much is training worth to an airline pilot? How much is information worth to a stock investor?

It’s “worth” whatever you get from it. Only when information and application are added together does it create true “value“.

I can tell you that similar content sells for $97.00 – $497.00. I’ve actually seen one course with similar information selling for $997.00.

But, like I said earlier, you don’t have to pay top-dollar for quality information. So, because I have other courses available that I’d like you to consider purchasing down the road sometime, I’d like to “prove” myself to you and win your trust.

It’s for this reason that I’ve decided to sell
the course to you for a mere $27.00.

But there’s more because you’ll also get…

5 FREE Bonuses For Ordering Now: