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One advantage of doing business online is the ability to set up multiple sale funnels, which offer opt-in freebies and info, in exchange for the reader joining a mailing list. Setting up highly targeted opt-in offers, in order to grow your list, is the key to your success.
The final key to getting more subscribers to your list is to ensure that you promote the content that you create. Share every new blog post. Share the content with the people already on your email list. Ask people to share for you too.
This 4-week ecourse will teach you how to get a bigger, more responsive email list to grow your business.

Here’s what you’ll learn from this 4-week Ecourse:

  • Setting Up Highly Targeted Opt-in Offers to Grow Your List Quickly
  • Writing Attention-Getting and Results-Oriented Emails
  • Growing Your List of Potential Customers
  • Nurturing Your List and Building a Relationship with Your Subscribers

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